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  • Community Showcase #2

    posted on 02/10/2019 by ShootingFor3

    Hello Trainers,

    We’ve had quite a few community submissions again showing off their incredible achievements and skills. We have chosen 4 outstanding submissions for this week. Don’t be discouraged if you did not get chosen this time because you can still win in upcoming showcases.

    Starting us off for week 2 of the Community Showcase is Marmar3! They have made this outstanding image!

    Our second submission that has been chosenis from zPancake! They put together this cool picture for PokeFind!

    Our third amazing submission is from JolteonRoyalty! They have submitted this incredible work of a Weedle and a Love ball! They seem to know who is the best Pokemon ;)

    Our last submission for week 2 is from Baeporeon! They have submitted some great artwork and creativity they have made along with great penmanship!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Congratulations to this weeks winners. Thank you to everybody who submitted their creations and achievements. Be as creative and unique as possible for a chance to be featured on upcoming Community Showcases! We look forward to seeing more in the upcoming weeks! You can submit creations and achievements here! https://goo.gl/forms/UEmQV4hO45PrIZbI2

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  • Community Showcase #1

    posted on 02/03/2019 by ShootingFor3

    Hello Trainers,

    We’ve had a lot of community submissions showing off their incredible achievements and skills. We have chosen 3 outstanding submissions for this week. Don’t be discouraged if you did not get chosen because you can still win in later weeks.


    Starting us off is sarasa77, showing off their incredible artistic skills! Absolutely amazing, very well done!

    Another winner is Amolad, sharing their amazing artwork! Thank you for sharing your awesome work with us!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Our last winner for this week is TheJolteon27, showing off a part of their Skyblock island and a lot of their Jolteon’s. A great achievement for them! [​IMG]

    Congratulations to this weeks winners. Thank you to everybody who submitted their creations and achievements. We look forward to seeing more in the upcoming weeks! You can submit creations and achievements here! https://goo.gl/forms/UEmQV4hO45PrIZbI2

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    posted on 01/15/2019 by Daniel Matias

    Shiloh is ready to be explored!

    Shiloh region is filled with so much more than all of our previous generations, our new quest writing system has been used heavily here, and we hope you guys get to experience everything tenfold!

    Your journey begins with choosing your starter, a new Introduction has been made and tailored for new players to teach them what they need to know about the PokeFind network and some of its mechanics.

    After you have your starter, head on over to the Observatory, or speak to your Rival Danielle by the lab! In the Observatory is where your Main Storyline will begin!

    New Breeding System - You now must complete a Breeding Quest to obtain a Breeding Incubator, the Incubator allows you to walk around and counts your steps to hatch your new partners! HA can be passed through this new system
    Locked PC - Your PC is now locked in Shiloh, you cannot use Pokemon from previous generations, because your new upgraded PC is too advanced until you obtain the necessary parts to upgrade your old PC from previous Gens. You will have access to your Pokemon in other Gens, just not in Shiloh. All Eggs opened in Gen 4, can only be used in Gen 4, for example: if you open a Aura Gen 1 Egg in Gen 4, you can only use it there, until your PC is unlocked.
    NPCs - You will see a new revamped way of NPC trainers! These are created through the questing system and are new and improved!
    Boats - Boats are now added into PokeFind! These are accessible through /boat & can be bought on the store at this time.
    Gyms - Gyms have been revamped, speaking to the League Official now triggers the Gym Challenges

    +Added 2 PC Pages to all accounts
    +Added Legendary Egg to Legend Trainers
    +Added Ball Hunter Achievement!
    >>Shiny Charms Disabled on Generation 4 for now<<

    Lastly, I want to thank you all for the amazing support you all have shown us on our adventure <3 We are very excited for this new adventure!​

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  • Epic Survival Update

    posted on 05/14/2018 by Daniel Matias

    Hello Trainers,

    We have just rolled out a a very exciting and highly requested update on Pokemon Survival! Before I get into that, 2x EXP Weekend is now live on Pokemon Survival and Pokemon World! This will last till Tuesday morning since we were a bit late with today’s update!

    What’s New:
    - Added Shiny Pokemon to Survival! You can get your Shiny Egg at https://store.pokefind.co/. First one to tweet us with a Shiny Pokemon in Survival will get a free Shiny Egg
    - Added Trainer NPCs to Pokemon Survival. These will spawn around the world and despawn once their timer runs out. They will show up in your Pokemon Tracker when you are nearby a Trainer.
    - Added The Merchant to Pokemon Survival. These merchants spawn randomly around world just like Trainers. They sell different types of TMs for Tokens. Tokens can be earned by defeating Trainers or Gym leaders.
    - Fixed reported bugs and made some optimizations

    Hope you all enjoy today's update and Double XP event! Thank you all for the suggestions and support <3

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  • Pokemon Survival Release! (New Gamemode)

    posted on 04/16/2018 by Daniel Matias

    Hello all Trainers!

    The moment we all have been waiting for is now here... POKEMON SURVIVAL IS NOW OUT OF BETA! Pokemon Survival is a gamemode where Minecraft survival and Pokemon clash together. Experience Pokemon by your side as you explore and build in the Minecraft world.

    The team has been working very hard these past 2 weeks optimizing code to reduce lag, fixing reported bugs and adding new features. We are super excited to remove the Beta tag from Pokemon Survival and enter Release stage. Unfortunately for the release we will have to reset player data and the map to make it fair to all players and negate some of the bugs that occurred during the beta.

    What has added from Beta?

    - Added Gyms and Badges. You will need to defeat the Gym Leaders to progress further with your trainer level - Added access to the Nether and End
    - Added the /shop command for Pro+,.Other players have to click the Poke Mart NPC at spawn
    - Added Egg Incubator to the Pokemon Center for Eggs on the Shop https://store.pokefind.co/
    - Added Kits and requested commands for Ranks
    - Added Rotatable placement for PCs and Healing Bays
    - Fixed Whirlwind, U-Turn and other moves that work similarly that crashed battles
    - Minor additions and tweaks

    We are super excited to finally launch Pokemon Survival and we are very excited for what the future holds for this Pokemon Survival! We have a lot of ideas in the making and we will be doing frequent updates/bug fixes as per usual. Please feel free to report any bugs or make any suggestions in the PokeSurvival discord chats.

    We are also running a 30% Off Sale on Ranks and Poke Survival shop items at https://store.pokefind.co/. We will be also doing a giveaway event throughout the week where for each Egg you buy for Poke Survival, you run a chance in getting a free Legend Rank. This is something new we are trying and want to show our great appreciation for your guy's support on our hard work.

    Anyways, head on over to Pokemon Survival and let us know what you think! Hope you all enjoy and thank you for all the love and support during Beta! <3

    P.S. Running a Pokemon Survival Egg giveaway on Twitter to celebrate. Link to tweet if you are interested: https://twitter.com/PokeFindMC/status/985948815843905536

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  • How to Fix Pokemon World LAG (RAM Allocation)

    posted on 04/08/2018 by Daniel Matias

    Hello Trainers!

    A lot of you have recently been reporting that you are now getting a lot of lag on Pokemon World. We have been investigating this issue for a few weeks now and been trying a few things. However, from most of the detailed reports we received, it seems most of you are experience FPS Lag. This means that it isn't something on our server, but it's on your client. The issue is that your Minecraft doesn't have enough RAM (memory) allocated.

    Let me guide you on how to add more Ram (memory) allocated to Minecraft. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE MORE THAN 2 GIGABYTES OF RAM ON YOUR PC!!

    How to check how much RAM your PC has: Link

    RAM Allocation Guide

    STEP 1: Open up Minecraft launch menu and click "Launch options" on the top right of the menu.

    STEP 2: Make sure Advanced settings is turned On in the top right. Then, Click on the Profile (version) below that you plan to use on PokeFind. For this example, I clicked on the first one called "PokeFind rulezzzz" :cool:


    STEP 3: When you click on the Profile from Step 2, your screen will look like this. Go to the Second to Last toggle called JVM arguments and turn that On. This will allow you to customize how much RAM you want allocated to Minecraft. By default, your JVM arguments in the beginning will say "-Xmx1G". The 1G stands for 1 gigabytes of RAM allocated to Minecraft. We want to change the to 2G so it will look like this: "-Xmx2G". This will only work for computers who have more than 4 Gigabytes of RAM.


    STEP 4: Press the "Save" button. Now you just boot up Minecraft using this profile and you are good to go!​

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  • Pokemon Survival BETA & Easter Event on Pokemon World

    posted on 04/01/2018 by Daniel Matias

    Hello Trainers! Happy Easter and April’s Fool everyone We have a few Easter Gifts for you all today. Is this an April’s Fool yolk? Well you will have to hop on play.pokefind.co and find out

    A lot of you have been very egg-cited for Pokemon Survival. Well I am very happy to announce that Pokemon Survival is now in Open Beta!!

    Please understand that this is NOT a full release, but a Beta. Expect bugs, missing features and lag as we collect all of the data and use it to make the release better. We will be limiting the Beta to only a few servers most likely so it doesn’t become overwhelming amounts of data. If you want to report a Bug, Suggestion or Feedback, please fill out this form https://goo.gl/forms/NQHDhedWaDeOqBbQ2

    If you login within the next 48 hours, you will receive your very own set of Bunny Ears hat. You can finally become a bunny!

    Also, Easter Gengar and Easter Alakazam have started spawning in the wild for the next 24-48 hours. They can also now be obtained in our Easter Eggs as well!

    That is it for our Easter Day’s gifts! You hope you all enjoy and once again, thank you so much for all the support and help
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  • Easter Eggs are Now Live!

    posted on 03/29/2018 by Daniel Matias

    Hello Trainers,

    I am egg-cited to announce that Easter Pokemon are now out! You can get yourself an Easter Egg on BOTH Pokemon World and Pokemon Skyblock. Head on over to store.pokefind.co to get your very own Easter Pokemon for 25% Off.

    We're really happy with these Easter Pokemon! They look egg-cellent Okay time to stop these Egg puns haha. Hope you guys enjoy and thank you for the support <3

    P.S. One thing you'll notice with these Easter Pokemon is that their icons in-game are 3D. This is done on purpose and not a bug. We are experimenting with this new method to avoid adding more Images to the pack and making it larger.
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  • Site Redesign

    posted on 03/26/2018 by Daniel Matias

    Hello Trainers!

    We are excited to release our brand new site! We have completely redesigned our site, pokefind.co. As some of you may know, PokeFind started off as a Pokemon GO site/app. Up until this point, our site was using the original design during that stage of PokeFind.

    Now we have designed the site in which it is entirely designed around our Minecraft Network that all of you are familiar with. We hope you all enjoy our site and would love to hear your guy's feedback! <3

    P.S. Pokemon Survival Open Beta will be coming very soon
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